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state of emergency. wicked winds tear a path of destruction through several western states. >> it actually looked like a war zone. >> reporter: leaving widespread power outages and millions in damages. >> hi. i'm mary bubala. kai is off today. and here's what people are talking about. once in a decade. that's what the national weather service is calling wicked hurricane force winds that blew through california and several other western states. bigad shaban reports for wjz on the damage left behind. >> two days of wind blew apart this fence. toppled tractor-trailers and left behind destruction in several western states. >> just there's trees down everywhere. >> gusts of more than 100 miles per hour sent a tree crashing into this northern california home. splitting it in half.
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the wind blew out the windows in a utah school bus and ripped the roof off a colorado condominium. a pasadena couple was asleep when this tree smashed right into their bedroom. they weren't hurt. the winds have died down. ron and millie barbosa are relying on an old radio for news and don't know when the lights will come back on. >> i have no idea. i guess it's up to the gods. >> reporter: power companies say it could take up to a week to get electricity restored in some areas. >> here in downtown pasadena, century-old trees are now piles of debris that stretch nearly an entire block. these trees were just decorated, with holiday lights. >> it looked like a hurricane that hit this park down here. >> reporter: susan jackson lives two blocks away. she came to take photos and can't believe the damage. >> one minute, we're safe. and the next minute, there's complete devastation. >> reporter: the worst of the wind is gone, giving crews a chance to clean up.
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but more strong winds are expected to hit this weekend, with gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. in pasadena, california, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> 1,000 trees toppled in los angeles county alone. attorneys for george hughly suffer a defeat in court. vic has more on the emotion in the yeardley love courtroom. >> reporter: a judge will not allow hughly's family to testify in the trial. hughly is charged with murdering uva women's lacrosse player, yeardley love of cockeysville. love's body was found in her apartment in may of 2010. if convicted, the trial and sentencing would be two separate proceedings. the defense then proposed that family members should be allowed to videotape statements on video before the trial could be aired if hugely is
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convicted. the judge denied it. chilling confirmation. al qaeda releases a videotape, claiming they're holding a contractor from maryland. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the terrorist group say its kidnapped warren weinstein of rockville in august. al qaeda posted a video today, saying weinstein would only be released if the u.s. stops all air strikes and releases all taliban suspects around the world. gop presidential candidate herman cain sits down with his wife for the first time to discuss allegations of a long- time affair. cain has been on the campaign trail since the accusations surfaced. he's now home in georgia to speak one on one with his wife gloria. cain says the relationship he had with a georgia businesswoman was platonic, but admits to giving her money. cain will make an announcement
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tomorrow about the future of his campaign. one of the men at the center of the robocall controversy takes the stand in his own defense. bob ehrlich's campaign manager says he did not break campaign election laws by authorizing robocalls. derek valcourt has more on what paul suric said. >> reporter: paul suric took the stand, insisting he had nothing to hide and did nothing wrong. he denies trying to suppress african american voter turnout to 112,000 registered democrats in baltimore city and prince george's county that suggested there was no need to vote because the democrats had already been victorious. >> we're okay. relax. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> reporter: suric told jurors, the robocall was meant to be counterintuitive, what he intended to be a wake-up call, inspiring african american americans to rush out to the polls to vote for ehrlich. he said the ideas came from
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campaign consultant julius henson. saying, i paid him $16,000 a month for advice. he read me a proposed script. i approved it. he also said he did not approve not disclosing who was doing the robocall. he said he assumed that was something henson would do. >> the defense also called nearly two dozen character witnesses to tell the jury suric is an honest man of high integrity. >> reporter: unemployment slips to a two-year low. the jobless rate fell to 8.6% last month. a key reason for that, though, is that many are just giving up looking for work. stocks have edged higher today. here's a look at numbers from wall street. the dow is down just a point.
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s&p down a fraction. nasdaq also down a point. well, the ravens make a decision about the future of their training camp location. gigi barnett is live in the newsroom with more on this. gigi? >> reporter: well, the fans won't be happy. but the ravens are deciding to hold training camp at their owings mills facility from now on. for 15 years, the ravens' preseason training took place at mcdaniel college in westminster. it afforded fans an unprecedented, up-close and personal look at the players. the lockout, though, forced players to hold training camp. the ravens say the decision has nothing to do with money. and it's simply because the team's training camp needs are changing. >> i think there's going to be a lot of reaction to that, gigi. thank you. mcdaniel college says it respects the ravens' decision and are ready to welcome them
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back to campus any time. hear from the ravens all new at 5:00. well, we're enjoying above- army temperatures outside. it's pleasant, comfortable. and it's just a sunny afternoon out there. wjz has weather and traffic together. we'll talk to kristy in a second. but we'll go to bob and get the updated numbers from first warning weather of. it warmed up nicely. we were in the 20s most places in the morning. right now, in the upper 50s, with bright sunshine. take a look at the temperatures on this date. let's go to our computer real quick. 37 in oakland. 57 here. 53 in ocean city. we actually got up to close to 60 degrees. look at the dew point. 17 degrees. very, very dry air. and this same weather pattern will be with us tomorrow. plenty of dry air. plenty of sunshine. looks like a really nice weekend to get out and do whatever you're going to do. maybe you do some decorations, perhaps, around the house. mary? >> still trying to rake those leaves, too.
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bob. thank you. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. well, friday afternoon traffic, never much fun out there. northbound 95, you will be seeing delays to route 100. at least 20 minutes on the west side of the inner loop. traffic moving at about 40 miles an hour. traveling on the outer loop in that direction, slow from the bw parkway to liberty road there. and the top side of the inner loop, stop and go from york road to dulaney valley. southbound 95, we have an accident at the beltway. that one is on the northeast corner on the rosedale side. and an accident in columbia, old annapolis road at phelps drive. also eastbound 32 at route 70. looking at drive times. 83 to 95. 37 miles an hour average. and 17 minutes to get through. let's now take a live look. you can see it's heavy on the west side. that's a look at wilkens avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by navy federal credit union. they have been serving the
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military for years. if you are a family member of the army, navy, marine corps, department of defense, they're happy to support you. a truck driver is fined for the sticky mess he left all over the turnpike. he must pay $1,000 for the leaky valve on his truck that dropped driveway sealant all over the eastbound lanes last month. road true of crews had -- road crews had to plow the goop off the road. delaney also received two traffic citations for the incident. well, baltimore's recent food truck frenzy will continue. monique griego has more on the city's latest move that will make it easier for vendors to keep operating. >> reporter: the craze caught on quick. >> it's economical. it's delicious. >> they're convenient. they're just always right there, wherever you want them to be. >> reporter: the gypsy queen is
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just one of the many high-end food trucks circling baltimore. >> caught the wave as new trucks were coming in. and it's been fabulous so far. we're really, really fortunate. >> reporter: a year ago, tom mooney ditched his brick-and- mortar restaurant to open up the queen. since then, they have been selling crab cakes like crazy. and mooney says it continues to boom. thanks to a pilot program that was set to expire december 31st. >> in june, the city changed its food truck policies, making it easier for them to operate and less confusing to obtain permits. there really wasn't a central database that you could look at to say this is what i need to do, in order to operate a food truck. >> reporter: the new policies also created designated parking areas, and did away with a proximity ban. moody says they hope to work with the city on setting permanent policies. >> i think it will keep
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expanding. and hopefully we'll get more and more high-quality food trucks, cruising the streets of baltimore, offering low-cost, delicious food, to everyone for lunch and dinner. >> reporter: monique griego, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> and as of right now, the city has not set a date for the new policies to expire. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. flash fire. an explosion inside a school science lab. one student will never be the same. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, more questions than answers, just beneath the surface of the bay. that story as eyewitness news continues. occupy outrage. how a kitchen sink sparks a riot at an occupy camp in boston. and it's purple friday so far. december is coming in on a mild note. will it stay that way for the weekend? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a school science experiment goes horribly wrong when a burning liquid explodes in the classroom. it happened at maple grove jr. high in minnesota. a ninth grader was hit in the face when his teacher lighted methanol during an experiment. the student may need to undergo skin graft surgery. three other students suffered minor burns. the teacher apologized. the fire department is investigating. an out-of-control brush fire in australia is causing big problems. the fire was meant to be a prevent tive -- preventative burnoff. but it broke through containment lines. just last week, a similar containment fire got out of control and destroyed more than 40 homes. a million dollars might just buy some answers in the chesapeake. alex demetrick reports, a federal grant will explore an old animal in trouble and a new
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one causing trouble. science knows a lot about what goes on under the bay. but not everything. >> for a number of the species, we still don't know much about the basic biology of several of them. secondly, some of these species are actually new to chesapeake bay. >> reporter: specifically, the blue catfish, which grew to over 100 pounds. a ravenous eater. >> we just need to find out where the species is, how many are out there, what they're eating. a lot of questions like that that we just don't know. >> there are also questions approximate native oysters, which continue to struggle in the bay. >> when we went out there in november, they were all dead. some were 100% dead. >> reporter: a tremendous flow of fresh water; some tropical storms killed those oysters. but a million-dollar federal grant from noaa will allow detailed survey, like the one done each year to determine the health of blue crabs.
4:17 pm
that survey set new rules, which saw the crab population grow, along with the catch for watermen. >> we hope they keep rebounding and coming on stronger and stronger for us. >> reporter: one species targeted for study is the softshell clam, which used to be widespread in the bay. >> population of clams have dropped enormously to low levels. >> reporter: invaders are both priorities for study. >> there aren't really good management behind it if you don't have the science behind it. noaa has also awarded a $1 million grant to virginia researchers to make sure studies include all of the bay. well, a group of volunteers cleaning up a virginia park, makes an amazing discovery. they came across this mysterious nine-foot high pyramid at forest hill park. as to what it is exactly, no one knows for sure. rumors, though, are spread that it marks a slain burial site. but some think it is simply a pile of rocks.
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the group says it is going to continue to investigate. well, the results are in. here are some of the most popular baby names for 2011. if you know a little boy named aiden, you're not alone, that is the number 1 name for boys for the 7th year in a row. it is followed by jackson and mason. as for girls, sophia is at the top of the wells, followed by emma and isabella. the information is collected online at baby center. the sound effects are all "r --" are all ours. it is the number 1 movie at the box office. the serious health concerns linked to the twilight movie. the accuser is also the accused. legal trouble for the man who said he was molested by former syracuse coach bernie fine. and the weekend is here. will the weather cooperate for your holiday preparation plan?
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bob just said it a second ago. what a beautiful friday. >> too bad the sun set just before 4:44. >> i know. it's gorgeous, though. look at that. >> it was really, a spectacular day. upper 50s, some spots got to 60. way above normal. take a look at temps now around the region. drop to 57. humidity, 20%. this is very, very dry air. the dew point, 17 degrees, very low. northwest winds at 9. the barometer, 30, 35, still on the way back up. right now, the cold spot, 37, elkton. 50, cumberland. 54, d.c. we're at 57 and way, way down, very dry air this afternoon. a few clouds this morning. a weak front is going through the region. you won't even know it, except for a slight wind shift. 54 up in bel air and westminster. tonight, most places north of the city will get down to
4:23 pm
freezing pretty easily. maybe upper 20s because we'll have lighter winds again and clear skies. kind of a fresh, cooler air mass coming in. maybe 4, 5, 6 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today. a little cooler tomorrow. but plenty of sunshine all weekend long. so not much of a breeze now. it's now beginning to shift more to the northwest. earlier today, it was out of the south and southeast. all right. here's what's happening around the country. boston, 47. detroit, 39. even to the north and west, where you expect to be cold, bismarck is 44 degrees. denver had some snow. they're down to 27. l.a., snow but no wind today. and a relatively cool 74 in miami. we're going to get a little cooler this weekend. but there's some mild air. memphis, 63. that's moving in our direction for the second half of the weekend. so this weak front that is going through the area, rain and snow to the north. some clouds, you can barely see them. barely see the clouds.
4:24 pm
pretty much disappeared. but there's still some snow across new york city. tomorrow, the front goes through the region. late tonight, dry air continues. by the end of the weekend, more mild air coming in by early next week. we'll start seeing some clouds. sunday afternoon, maybe a little rain. mid- to upper 40s for the game in cleveland. east winds on the bay, becoming north. 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 50 degrees. tonight, just a few passing clouds, down to 32. a little warmer than last night. in the 20s. tomorrow, sunny. 50 to low 50s. a nice start to the weekend. and that's just about where we should be this time of year. no complaints, weatherwise. >> no. we have frost on our cars. >> lots this morning. >> i'm glad we saw the sun there. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's an episode of the blue bloods. right after that, stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. and the first placed ravens travel to cleveland sunday to take on the browns. catch all the action, right here on wjz. it all starts at 4:00.
4:25 pm
scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. for the first time, captain sully sullenberger returns to the cockpit of the plane that he miraculously landed on the hudson. steve hartman was with him for a special on the road. that's tonight, on the cbs evening news. hear new chilling emergency radio calls and behind the scenes details about the deadly indiana state fair stage collapse. gabby giffords' future. what her husband is saying about her potential run for re- election. and numbers are lower, but that may not necessarily be good news about the job market. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with vic right after this. ,, sbcr!
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it's 4:28. pench degrees and clear with
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the sun soon to set. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. denise is off today. here's what people are talking about. putting americans back to work. hiring soared in november and the unemployment rate plummeted to its lowest rate in nearly three years. now, president obama is pushing congress to agree on a plan to keep the economy moving. >> reporter: the unemployment rate is at its lowest point in 2 1/2 years, falling to 8.6% last month. despite the drop, about 13 million americans are still looking for work, including barry hair. in september, he was laid off for the third time in 10 years. >> i had no idea that this would come. or that it would come so soon. >> hair is looking for a new job. but many americans have just given up. that means they're no longer counted when the government adds a people who are unemployed every month. >> more than 300,000 americans left the labor force last
4:30 pm
month. that means they've stopped looking for work. i think we should all be concerned about that. >> reporter: the white house points out private companies added 140,000 jobs last month. many of them were retail positions as stores geared up for the holiday shopping season. >> the american economy has now created in the private sector jobs for the past 21 months in a row. >> reporter: president obama welcomed friday's drop in the unemployment rate and pushed congress to find a compromise that will keep the economy moving. lawmakers are trying to agree on a plan to extend a popular tax break and emergency unemploy. insurance. >> it's time to step on the gas. we need to get this done. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act by december 31st, more than 150 million americans will lose about $1,000 additional dollars based on their paychecks this year. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> on average, the american
4:31 pm
worker makes $23.18 an hour. that's down 2 cents from october. remarkable recovery. congresswoman congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues to rehab. more on what her husband has to say. >> reporter: on the early show this morning, former astronaut mark kelly talked about his wife in their new book. titled gabby, the story of courage and hope. the congresswoman was among 19 people shot as she met with constituents outside a tucson supermarket. six people died. now giffords has to decide whether she will file for re- election or not. >> sometime before may, she will decide if she wants to continue and can continue to do the job of a member of congress. congressmen and women work very hard. it's a grueling schedule. and she has to just see if she's up for that. >> reporter: kelly who recently retired from nasa said his
4:32 pm
primary purpose is to help his wife recover and support their teen daughters. >> the accused gunman, jared lee loughner has pleaded not guilty. sights and sounds of a concert collapse. new calls take us behind the scenes. and what police knew before the tragedy hit. [ screaming ] >> state police 13c. looks like about 30 minutes or less before water comes in. >> reporter: for the first time, confirmation that state police were awaiting the storm's arrival moments before the stage collapse at the indiana state fair. they sayo sew in an exclus -- say so in an exclusive emergency dispatch tape. the warnings began at 8:38 p.m., five minutes before the collapse. >> all units, all units. severe thunderstorm warning until 9:45 for marion county. use your best judgment and find
4:33 pm
shelter when needed. >> two minutes later, a voice of concern. thousands of people are still awaiting the sugar land concert, standing right in front of the stage. that's when we hear the call, inquiring whether fans have been moved to safety. >> go ahead. >> have they released fans from the grandstand yet? >> have no information on that. i will check and advise. >> reporter: three minutes later, a lone radio call of sheer panic. >> go ahead. [ screaming ] >> control, the grandstands are gone. fire control, grand stands, ems, on call, mass casualty. >> reporter: that was at 8:43 p.m. seconds later, reports of the human toll began trickling in. should trapped, others going into shock. those critically injured were code red, walking wounded greens and yellows, deads, tagged in black.
4:34 pm
>> multiple reds, unknown black. i need everything to the grandstand. >> reporter: this killed seven people and injured over 40 others. fair officials are not commenting on the tape. they are hiring an independent investigator. baltimore police are making an arrest in a series of home invasion. 50-year-old durante urban is charged with breaking into and robbing two pikesville homes. both cases, the elderly victims told police they recognized urban from the neighborhood. he is currently being held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. a man admits to hoarding explosives in baltimore county. 28-year-old barry. police found guns, ammunition and bombs in his owings mills apartment back in january. police made the discovery in january for shooting a child with a pellet gun. he now faces up to 20 years in prison. the latest twilight movie is causing seizure concerns across the country. gigi barnett has more about the
4:35 pm
warning officials have for parents tonight. >> well, vic, the film has been a top-grossing movie for two weeks straight. but those prone to certain types of seizures may want to skip it. >> bella? >> that's a clip of the scene that seems to be the trigger. the full scene shows an intense bursting that involves a strobe effect with flashes of red, white, and black lights. there have been at least nine reported cases of people suffering seizures while walking "break -- watching" breaking dawn. the doctor says if your child suffers epilepsy or seizures, you should not send him or her to that movie. >> this is from photo stimulus, a photo syntheses-induced seizure. a day of sunny,
4:36 pm
unseasonably warm temperatures. bob is here with the updated numbers from wiefort warning weather. -- first warning weather. >> almost 50. may have gotten to 60 for a minute or two. take a look at temperatures for the clear skies. we're at 57 now. 37, the cold spot in oakland. 52 in elkton. and 53 in ocean city. dew points, very low. very, very dry air. 17 degrees. they won't get that cold tonight. but we'll be getting down to freezing tonight. this morning, we had lots of mid- to upper 20s around the region. and this weekend, tomorrow, in fact, sunday as well. high pressure in control. it means plenty of dry air. tomorrow, probably 5, 6, 7 degrees cooler than today. maybe 50 to low 50s. and then another warmup headed this way for sunday and early next week. vic? >> thanks, bob. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, vic. hi, everyone. trouble on the harrisburg expressway in that southbound direction. we have an accident on the ramp to the outer loop.
4:37 pm
solid to timonium road. it's going to take quite sometime to get through that. we're up to 30 minutes along the southwest side, over to liberty road. and another 25 minutes around the top side inner loop, park heights avenue over to bel air road. the north side outer loop, also struggling in that direction from providence road to greenspring avenue. and we still have a delay for northbound 95. that's actually stretched from the howard county line over to route 100. other accidents include northbound 29 at route 100. also, in the joppatowne area, mountain road at philadelphia road. and back over to glen burnie, richie highway at aqua heart road. let's now take a live look. you can see a lot of congestion there. that's at the beltway. you can see the accident there on the left-hand side of your screen. this traffic report is brought to you by pizza bolis. new from pizza bolis. it's five burrows' pizza. it's new york pizza at a hometown price. you can get a large pizza.
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for only $5. zoo officials debuted the new cockerel sheep fox. baby deniro was born february 12th. the proud parents, anastasia and gretchen have been bonding with their new one ever since. they are native to madagascar. they can see nero, beginning this sunday. and straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. under attack. the royal navy chases pirates in the indan ocean. and not all of -- indian ocean. and not all of them got away. and taking to the streets of brussels. and we're enjoying another day of unseasonably warm temperatures. bob is updating your first warning weather forecast for the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:41 pm
tens of thousands of protestors flood the streets of brussels. [ chanting ]
4:42 pm
>> the demonstrators are protesting planned government budget cuts. belgium has been without a government for a world record 19 months. this week, belgian politicians finally struck a deal. they agreed to make cuts worth $11.3 billion euros to lower the public deficit. the british royal navy detains suspected pirates on the ocean. a navy supply ship received information that a spanish fishing vessel was attacked by a group of pirate vessels. two vessels tried to escape but stopped when the helicopter fired warning shots. no one was injured as a result of the operation. >> hacking into celebrity phones is just the tip of the british phone hacking scandal. britain's media ethics inquiry is setting up a response to the illegal eavesdropping, conducted by rupert murdoch's news of the tabloid. this week's crime victims describe how murdoch's company ruined their lives and wreaked
4:43 pm
havoc on their company. dozens of employees are under arrest. legal disputes in the penn state abuse scandal. the second-mile charity is agreeing to freeze assets to settle a lawsuit in a sexual abuse lawsuit. the unidentified man is planning a civil lawsuit, seeking damages from second mile and others responsible for sexual assault. jerry sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight boys. his preliminary hearing on 48 counts is set for december 13th. one of the men who says he was sexually abused by a syracuse basketball coach is in court this week. the alleged defendant, zach thomaselli is accused of being a victim himself. >> for zach thomaselli, it has been a whirlwind week in this
4:44 pm
auburn courtroom, he's the defendant, facing similar charges. thomaselli is looking to get a more than three-hour recorded interview with police scratched from the evidence for his trial. he's charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. >> detectives. huge concept. taking a total of what happened. and i don't know, tell me the truth. >> that's what the state claims. but thomaselli's attorney says incriminating statements by thomaselli were not voluntary and misquoted the law. >> he conceded that he misstated the law. so it's our argument that any statement mr. thomaselli made subsequent to that were not voluntary, but were rather a result of police coercion. >> thomaselli looks on, as he balances two worlds.
4:45 pm
victims and defendants. >> i hope that in the end, i can get through this and move on with my life and be able to have a future and have a life, you know, without this haunting me the rest of my life. >> but his life is changed. speaking out nationally as an abuse victim is draining, painful and disheartening. in that recorded interview, though, something came out, whether by coercion or exhaustion. still, he stands by his not guilty plea. syracuse fired him sunday. a man linked to the slaying of an occupy oakland protestor. police arrested norris terrell. three others have also been arrested for assault in connection with the shooting. authorities say the killing occurred after one of the suspects got into dispute at the camp. one of the most serious confrontations between police and occupy boston protestors. a dispute over dirty dishes led
4:46 pm
to tense moments. sean kelly reports from massachusetts. >> occupy boston's first work in plumbing got blocked. a solo police officer stood his ground against protestors who surrounded him. more police arrived. the protestors chanted badge numbers and then demanded to know why they couldn't have a sink. >> let us bring the sink in! >> reporter: tensions began to rise. occupy organizers yelled out to stay calm. >> we do not -- >> we do not want radio -- >> to enact violence against the police. >> reporter: the clash started when officers lifted the sink to remove it. >> book them! >> protestors threw themselves in front of the wagon.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: one of occupy boston's attorneys pleaded for them to stop. >> you are not -- >> just as protestors agreed to walk away, allowing the wagon with the sink to leave. >> everybody in the street. let's get them out of here. >> police lined up to clear anyone who has still disdisobeyed. a chase led to the arrest in a hostile crowd. >> reporter: the men who brought the sink started to question whether he did a good deed. >> the occupation was fighting also for his right to be able to have a sink. i just wish it hadn't gone this far. >> nobody was hurt. but police say one of those taken into custody was later arrested. a cheerleader is recovering after falling from a stunt during a michigan state basketball game. the video is very tough to watch. 20-year-old taylor young falls during a build hitting the court heard, head first. she smiled and stuck up her both thumbs, to the crowd, while being strapped onto a
4:48 pm
stretcher. the cheerleader was not seriously injured and was back in class this morning. a new study on parenting finds dads are doing more but moms are more stressed. researchers found fathers and mothers spent equal amounts of time doing paid and unpaid work. but moms are spending nine more hours a week multitasking. the two-week study was conducted by the review. it takes more of an emotional toll on females. a closer look at maryland monroe's death. mark steines has more from hollywood. >> reporter: coming up on entertainment tonight. we are taking a closer look at hollywood's most mysterious deaths. here's a sneak peek. >> was it murder? was it suicide? was it an accidental overdose? one of the most persistent and controversial theories about this mysterious death is that it was due in part to her relationship with a mobster and with president john kennedy. and his brother, robert.
4:49 pm
author jay randy tera berely disagrees. >> i'm thoroughly convinced that marilyn monroe was not murdered. that the kennedys did not have anything to do with her death. marilyn monroe died because she took too many drugs. and that's the sad truth. >> tera berelli's claims angered the secret life of marilyn monroe. >> reporter: where marilyn and jfk were concerned, we were able to interview people close to kennedy and pinpoint that they were only together a total of five times in maryland -- in marilyn's entire lifetime. marilyn and bobby were never intimate. >> and we will have much more on hollywood's most mysterious deaths coming up tonight. >> and you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30, here on wjz. a mysterious chunk of metal tears through. investigators initially thought
4:50 pm
the five-pound chunk of metal had fallen from an airplane. detectives studying it say it came through the roof with significant force. the unusual damage is under investigation. the sun warms up maryland after a frosty morning. bob has the updated first warning weather forecast next. ,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
taking a live look outside right now. the sun is gone, bob. beautiful day. >> 4:44, it sets, which means it's getting dark and getting chilly again. after a beautiful afternoon, really warmed up nicely. after a very frosty morning. just that everybody had heavy frost this morning. take a look at temps right now around the region with still clear skies. 57. and that was almost 45 minutes ago. so i'm sure it's going to be a lot cooler in the next few minutes. 20% humidity, very dry air. dew points only 17 degrees. very dry. northwest winds at 9. the barometer on the way back up. 30.35 inches. right now, 52 at hagerstown.
4:54 pm
37 in oakland. ocean city coming in at 53. eml el-- very dry air tonight. temperatures dropping in the upper 20s, low 30s. clear skies. and very, very light winds in the area. 54 in bel air. 52, kent island. by the way, the bay temperature is -- they didn't get that warm today. because the water keeps them a little cooler in the day time and milder at night. they had very little frost close to the water because it stayed above freezing. 52 in westminster. and 57 here. once again, 59 today. this morning, at the airport. 26. dulles airport at 23. 50, 32, the averages. and the records, 1970. 72. 1966, 9 degrees above zero. right now, a light northwest wind. it's going to shift a little bit more to the north temporarily. and tomorrow, come back out of the east. very light winds. no major factor. with the winds. to our north this afternoon.
4:55 pm
a little light snow over michigan. some of that moving into new york stay. temperatures in the mid-30s. not super cold. in fact, there's no super cold air in the east. we've got a lot of clear skies, just a few clouds moving through the morn northern sections of pennsylvania. winds become a little dryer as this front moves through. and a little cooler tomorrow. maybe 5, 6, 7, maybe as much as 10 degrees cooler. but on the back of that high, the winds go right back to the southwest. mild air coming in for sunday, monday and tuesday. but by tuesday night. look for some shower activity with that front coming in. east winds on the bay, 5 to 10, becoming northeast. the bay temp around 50 degrees right there. tonight, then, just a few clouds maybe. down to 32. otherwise, clear and start. tomorrow -- starlight. tomorrow back up to 50. a lot of sunshine. will be cooler tomorrow. but there really won't be wind to speak of. another nice day and a great weekend on tap for the region once again. sunnysunny and dry.
4:56 pm
still to come on eyewitness news tonight. one of the men at the center of the robocall controversy takes the stand in his own defense. i'm derek valcourt. coming up, i'll tell you what paul suric had to say on the stand. ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
many more of the breaking stories. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. on the defense. key testimony in the robocall trial. >> he's accused of trying to suppress the black vote. tonight, bob ehrlich's former campaign manager takes the stand. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm vic carter. kai is off tonight. here's what people are talking about. >> he said he didn't break the law. the man at the center of the robocall controversy responds to accusations that he tried to influence last year's governor's race. derek valcourt reports from the mitchell courthouse with paul suric's testimony. >> paul suric took the stand, insisting he had nothing to hide and did

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